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Even with some bad credit, catalog companies still want your business!  Ace, Studio, Argos catalogueMarshall Ward, Additions and Littlewoods Direct may all tollerate a certain amount of adverse credit in your credit file.

Such home shopping is very convienient for people that don't have a car or have young children.  Its very important that children have clothes and shoes that fit them well so if you are having a tough time a credit agreement with a no credit check catalogue could be just what you need.

A catalog could be a great way of getting an unsecured sofa, a plasma tv, a new n96 pay catalogas you go mobile phone, a ps3 or a washing machine with weekly payments that you can afford from your wages, jobseekers allowence or child support.






Have you or a person close to you been effected by refusal to default on debt and made things worse running a Debt Ponzi Scheme? are looking for volunteers to setup a facebook group:

Ponzi Schemers Anonymous

to support people that continually rob Peter to pay Paul.

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